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2014-2015  same as below.  All corporate events again last year and this year.  What can I say.        
They love us...!!!!


December 2015                       Pay it Forward Havasu.                                                  Christmas gift delivery Christmas eve

October 2015                           Pay it Forward Havasu. Halloween event                        Face painting and Balloon twisting

Jan - Dec 2013                        Tons of Birthday parties                                                Magic, face painting and balloons
December 2013                        Santa and Mrs Clause                                                   What they do!!!!

October 2013                           New Life Community Church                                         Balloon Twisting                                     

October 2013                           Sacramento Animal Shelter                                          Balloon Twisting

October 2013                           Bright Pink Day Out  Galleria Mall, Roseville                Glitter Tattoos, Face painting, hair tinsel

October 2013                           Green Acres Nursery                                                     Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

October 2013                           Donahue Schriber Management  Elk Grove Commons Shopping center    Balloon Twisters

Sept 2013                                Yogurtland Citrus Heights                                               Face Painting

Sept 2013                                Rio Linda Country Fair                                                   Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

July 2013                                 Yountville Veterans home 4th of July Celebration           Face painting and Balloon Twisting

July and Sept 2013                  St Francis Yacht Club                                                     Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
June 2013                                Keiser Pharmacy Admin                                                 Pinky Pettles the Clown  Face painting
June 2013                               Tri Tool                                                                           Face painting and Balloon Twisting                 

June 2013                               Customer                                                                        singing telegram as Mae West
June 2013                               Nation Wide Insurance                                                    Face Painting
May 2013                                HD Supply                                                                       Face painting and Balloon twisting
May 2013                                Intell                                                                                Face painting and Balloon Twisting
April 2013                                Art Institute of Sacramento                                             Face painting and Balloon Twisting
April 2013                                Woodside homes                                                           Balloon Twisting
April 2013                                Caleb Greenwood Elementary                                       Face painting and Balloon Twisting
April 2013                                Jacmar food service  distribution                                    Face painting and Balloon twisting
April 2013                                Stockton Ports Ball park                                                 Face painting and Balloon Twisting
March and April 2013               Bella Bru                                                                        Face painting and Balloon Twisting
2013-2014                               California  Family Fitness Kids Club  All locations
December 2011-2014                  AEC.  Gateway mall, Sacramento, CA                      Santa, Each Saturday after Thanksgiving  6th year!!
November 2010-12             Taylor Street Apts, Sacramento, ca    
National night out      Face painting, balloons
October 2011                        McKinley Park Care Center  Sacramento, ca                 Face painting and balloon Twisting                                           
October 2011                        The Club house at Natomas                                          Magic show
October 2011            Elk Grove Commons Annual Safety fair                                    Our 8th year there!! Balloon Twisting and leading parade.
August 2010 and 2011   Red hat ladies annual convention.                                     Face painting and balloon twisting.  Morning exercise dance
July and Sept 09,10,11 & 2012     St Francis Yacht Club  Tinsley Island                    Face Painting and Balloon Twisting  
1 Jan-30 Dec 2011      80 Birthday parties in the Greater Sacramento Area
October 2011                Macys Roseville Galleria    Grand re opening                       Face Painting and Balloons
2010 and 2012           15 shows a year for California Family Fitness                          Face painting, balloons and Magic
June 2011                      Tri Tools                                                                               Face painting, Magic show, balloons
May 2009, 10 and 11       Stockton Firemans Union Picnic                                         Face painting, balloons, glitter tattoos
May 21, 2011             UC Davis Vets Grad party                                                        Balloon Twisting
May 21, 2011            Anglemans Syndrome Foundation                                            Balloon Twisting

November 1st, 08      Novartis    Vacaville, Ca                                                  Face Painting and Balloons
July 1st 2006             Food Source 4th of July celebration                                Balloon twisting
July 8th 2006             California Army National guard Family day                     Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
July 15th 2006           Indoor Environmental Service    Company Picnic           Face Painting and Balloon Twisting  
July  15th 2006          Production Framing    Company picnic                           Face Painting
August 5th 2006        Cooks Collision  Company picnic                                    Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
August 5th  2006        Kimball Home builders event   Stockton                         Balloon twisting
August 19th  06          Mary Hills School   Natamos grand opening                   Face Painting
August 19th 06           Core Logic Company event   Fairytail town                    Face painting as Snow White
Sept 15  06                 Heritage homes    Woodland, Ca                                   Face Painting and Balloon twisting
Sept 26-28  06            Sacramento Crime Prevention Convention                    Karaoke
April-Aug 07                All River Cats Sunday home games                               Face Painting and Balloon twisting
July 20-22 July 07       Christmas in July at Raley Field                                     Santa and Ellie the Elf
July 22nd 2007            Conway Trucking Summer picnic                                  Face Painting
Sept 2007                    Folsom Premium Outlet Mall   back to school event      Face Painting, balloon twisting
December 2007           Folsom Premium Outlet Mall                                         Santa and Mrs Claus
April 2, 08                    Valley Farm Transport   Woodland, CA                        Face Painting and Balloon twisting
May  17,08                  Quarry ponds May Days in Granite Bay                        Face painter
May 31, 08                  National Kidney Foundation Walk-A-Thon                     Face painting and Balloon twisting
May 31, 08                  Indoor Environmental Services,  Roseville, ca   2nd year   Face painting and Balloon twisting
June 1, 08                   Stockton Fire Fighters # 456 Union picnic                     Face painting and balloon twisting
April and May 08         Del Paso School dist events                                          Balloon Twisting
July 08                         Le Petite Accademy     Fun day at School                     Face Painting and dancing
July 08                         Fehr & Peers   Company Picnic                                     Face Painting and Balloon twisting
August 23, 08              Dixon Soccer Club         Opening day                            Face Painting
August 9, 08                SMUD company Picnic    2nd year                                2 balloon twisters and 2 face painters   
August 23, 08              XOJET   Company Picnic                                               Face Painter and Balloon Twister
August 6, 08                Pacific Capital        Company Picnic                               Face Painter
August 3, 08                Annual Del Paso Family and Friends Pot luck               Face Painter and Balloon Twister
Sept 9, 08                   Mercy Medical Group Employee BBQ                            Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
Sept 13, 08                 Bobbie Wortell Education Fund                                     Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
Sept 14, 08                 Caldwell Bank     Company Picnic                                  Face Painting
Sept 20, 08                 Mercy Medical Group     Community awareness event   Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
Sept 27, 08                 Leukemia and Lymphoma Soc annual night walk           Face Painting and Balloon Twisting
Sept 27, 08                 Sierra Oaks School  Carnival Country Fair                     Balloon Twisting Scarecrow
October 13, 08            Anderson-Luchetti Women's and Childrens center
              Ground Breaking event for Sutter Hospital                    5 balloon twisters    
October 18, 2008        Sacred Heat Parish School                                            Face Painting and Balloon twisting

Laguna Shopping Center October event.  2005 ,2006 and 2007,2008  Balloon twisting and Lead costume parade.  

Head Start     2004,2005 , 2006 and 2007  Balloon twisting

4th of July celebration at Raley field.  Face painting and balloon twisting.  2004, 2005, 2006

Raley Field--This will be my 5th ball season at Raley Fields Kid's zone.  Find me there during Sunday home games.

Raley Fields Rhythm and Ribs  2007 will be my 4th year with this wonderful 3 day event.

100's of local birthday parties.   Call for references

IKEA grand opening in Sacramento     March 2006

Toys R Us Summer picnic

Arnold's Staff and Press party  see picture on addition picture page

Folsom park and Recreation Easter event.  3 years in a row.

Beezer homes grand opening and employee parties.

Many home builder events.   Face painting and balloon twisting

Greenback town home association    Sacramento   July 2006

Salvation Army    Sacramento        June 2006

Sang National Anthem at Arco Arena for Monarchs and LA game.  

Placed in the Karaoke awards in San Francisco in 1997

Won many 1st place Karaoke contests in Bay area
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