How long do I need a clown?
Do I need one or two clowns?
How much will it cost?
For pricing call Eva at  916-417-3176
Email me now !!
How do I choose my clown?

Charley the Clown twists balloons and does a comedy magic
show.  Magic show is appropriate for children over 4 years.

Pinky Pettles, Cotton Candy and gingerbread do a Magic
show, face painting, twist balloons and dance.

Choose who you want by the look you want.
Call for availability
How long does a clown need
to be at your party?

When it comes to Face painting and balloons
After years of experience and averaging out I
come up with 7.5 minutes per child with One
clown and 5 minutes per child with Two
clowns....These are approximate figures..
when you call we will figure it out.  

Add 30 minutes for a Magic show and
Children's Dancing or  group photo..

Balloon twisting only
Figure 20 children per hour

We have a one hour minimum
Please keep in mind that every party is
What should I know before I
call ?              

1.  Approx how many children will be at your

2.  The date and time of your party. Clown
should arrive 30-60 minutes after party starts.

3.  Know what you want.... Face painting,
balloon creations, comedy magic show,
children's dancing

4.  Know your budget.

5. Call so we can help put your package
together and discuss prices.

6.  $50 deposit is required to hold party.  
Balance paid day of party.  
Dance? What do you mean

All of the girl clowns come with
their own music.  We do the
Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey and
the Cha Cha Slide.  What ever
songs are age appropriate.
At this time the link is broken.  Please go
to to make
payment.  Follow same directions.
On my web site home page there is a
button that says " Pay Pal...Click here to
pay".  In the Quantity box please place the
booking fee amount. ie.. 50 for
$50 . 100 for $100.
In the description box please put the
The balance for the party will be
paid the day of the party!!

Date of party
Talent arrival time
Child's name and age
Location of party if other than home

Booking Fee is $50 per clown.  This is a
Booking fee.  Not the total amount for your
party. The Total for your party depends on
how long you want us.  This will be
discussed on the phone.
Refund policy

Your Booking fee is the deposit.  If you
give me a deposit then I hold that time
and date for you.  I will turn down many
other parties between the time you pay
your booking fee and your party.  
Therefore your booking fee is non
refundable.  if you are booking one
the booking fee is $50.  Two
clowns in $100.