Face Painting and Balloons
You should always see a picture of your clown and their work before you invite them to your home.
Don't be surprised by a scary clown.
New.... Glitter Tattoos.....See below.
Click on image to enlarge
For parties or events that allow
me the time I can do full faces
as seen below.  Theses faces
take 7-10 minutes each.
Cheek and Arm art  3-5 minutes
per child.  10-12 per  hour
Sample glitter tattoos...  Great for water parties... They
stay on for 4-6 days....  Not applied on the face...
Updated June 2012
Balloon Creations
New MICA Tattoo.  Looks like the real
deal... Water proof and stays looking
new and real for 7-10 days.