About Lettuce Entertain U
                                  Now in our 11th
About EVA:

I am a native Californian and was raised in Santa Cruz and Shasta Counties.  After retiring
from the Army in 2003 after serving 26 years, I decided to settle in Sacramento.  I have 5
sons ranging in age from 35 - 24 and five Gransons.  Four of my 5 sons have been or are
currently serving in the military.  One son did 3 tours in Iraq and one did 2 tours, one in
Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan.  Another did a year in Kosovo.   Raising these
wonderful sons of mine has given me the patience to work with children the way I do.

In 1990, I re-found the love to sing.  I began to sing Karaoke with some friends in the Bay
Area who were starting a Karaoke business.  I learned the art of being a Karaoke Hostess
and soon purchased my own equipment.  My first paid gig as a Karaoke Hostess was at
the Officers Club on the Presidio in San Francisco.  I grew from there.

While working full time in the military and being a mom, I worked 3 nights a week as a
Karaoke Hostess.  I soon grew tired of not having any personal or family time, so I
promoted myself as a Karaoke substitute.  This allowed other Karaoke Hosts/Hostesses to
take breaks/vacations and earned me their trust as I was responsible for their equipment.  I
developed credibility and had the flexibility to select the jobs I wanted.

In October of 1998 the Army transferred me to Sacramento where I concentrated on my
children and my job with the Army.  I did some Karaoke, but did not promote myself.

In may of 1999 I became a Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  This was what I
wanted to do when I retired from the Military, and I took this time to build my in-home
business and customer base.  In July of 2005 I became a Director for Mary Kay
Cosmetics.  Another dream fulfilled.

In January of 2002 I was assisting a friend with make-up for a children's show he was
promoting, and I met Linda with "Top Talent Today".  She was putting on her clown face
and noticed my interest and told me that with my personality I should give it a try.  Two
months later Pinky Pettles was born.  It came natural to me.  Since then I have developed
my other characters:   , Cotton Candy, Gingerbread, Ellie, Mrs. Claus and Ellie the Elf,
Mae West and Haggy Maggy do singing telegrams.  I discovered talent hiding within me
and started face-painting, balloon twisting, singing telegrams and writing poems.  It all
came so easy to me and I enjoy every minute that I am entertaining.

About Chuck:

I was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Oregon with my family when I was 13.  I
joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 and retired 20 years later.  I then worked for Intel
Corporation in many different rolls for 13 years and finally left to retire in Las Vegas,
Nevada.  After 7 years in Vegas, I met Eva.

Since meeting Eva there have been several big changes in my life.  Eva got me started in
the art of balloon twisting for children's events/parties and now I work with her.  I vowed I
would never become a clown, and now I are one.  Since our meeting Eva has helped me
develop my characters of: Chuckles, Charley the Clown, Charley the Character, Charley
the Elf and Santa.

I thoroughly enjoy entertaining the kids and working with Eva.  We are a team.

We were married on January 6th of 2008.  Our plans are to travel and continue working in
the entertainment business.